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  • 2013   Art adviser of Artézi Galery
  • 2013   Member of the Rearte Gallery (Wien, Austria)
  • 2005-   Living and working in Budapest
  • 2002-2003   Living and working in New York City
  • 2001-2002   Rome, Italy, study renaissance art
  • 1994   Member of the Hungarian Artists' Association
  •   Member of the Hungarian Fine Arts Association.
  •   Founder of Arthis Foundation and Publishing House
  • 1991   Founder and Director of Studio Ars Una
  • 1987   Winner of the World Bank International Award for Art One year in New York City and Washington, D.C.
  • 1985-1986   New York, Ariel Gallery SOHO, Seriograph portfolio completed
  • 1984   Art director of an Artists' Group
  • 1982   Art director of a Graphic Art Studio
  • 1979   Member of the Artists' Association of the People's Republic of Hungary
  • 1971-1982   Architect
  • 1969   Graduated as an architect from the Miklós Ybl Technical College
  • 1963   Teacher Training College of Szeged, Hungary, Majored in art and mathematics
  • 1959   Studied at Fine Arts School, Budapest Specialized in painting
  • 1944   Born in Hungary