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Géza Németh
Géza Németh
Géza Németh
One man shows
2019   New York, New York, Galéria'13, Budapest, 9. May
2017   Mysterious Landscape, Szent József Ház, Budapest,13 October
2017   Angkor, Artel Gallery, László Erdélyi , Budapest, 7 July
2016   Pictures in conditionel state, Artézi Gallery, Budapest, 8 October
2016   Three Artists-Three Natuons, Rearte Gallery, Wen, Austria, 9, Szeptember
2015   Géza Németh -Day of Hungarian Fine Art, Vác, MIMK Emeleti Galéria, Hungary, 16, October
2014   The Other Face of reality, Gallery Artezi, Budapest
2009   Imaginery Spaces, Curia Galéria, Vác, Hungary
2009   Rome Remake, Arcus Galéria, Vác, Hungary
2008   Imagined Reality, Artbázis Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2008   Géza Németh, Körmendy Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2007   September 11, Galerie ART PRESENT, Paris, France
2006   Birth of the past, Árkád Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2005   Imaginery Spaces, Italian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
2004   Prophecies, Budapest Galéria, Budapest, Hungary,
2003   Metamorfosi di Roma, Accademia d'Ungheria, Rome, Italy
2003   Prophecies, Reinhold Brown Gallery, New York, USA
2001   Sziget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2000   Face-Space, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2000   Szoboszló Gallery, Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary
1996   Art Museum and Galleries, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, USA
1995   Körmendy Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1995   Újpest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1995   Art–East Gallery, Balatonfűred, Hungary
1994   Hungarian Cultural Center, Moscow
1994   Art Museum and Galleries, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
1993   Balassi Publishing House, Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1991   World Trade Center, Vienna, Austria
1989   Bács-Kiskun County Museum, Kecskemét, Hungary
1988   Duna Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1988   University Club, Washington, D.C., USA
1988   The World Bank Art Society, Washington, D.C. , USA
1988   Nippon Club Gallery, New York, USA
1987   Ariel Gallery, Soho, New York , USA
1986   Brucato Art Gallery, Scarsdale, New York, USA
1986   Ariel Gallery, Soho, New York , USA
1986   Esta Robinson Contemporary Art, New York, USA
1985   Brucato Art Gallery, Scarsdale, New York, USA
1983   Bástya Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1982   Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1982   Young Artists' Club, Budape, Hungary
1975   Kassák Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1972   KFKI Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1970   Eötvös Klub Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1968   House of culture, Rákosliget, Hungary