2001. Stations I.

Stations I. by György Papp

Exhibition in the Sziget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2001

Stations I. 2001

The first–who knows
you think him to be a fool.
But he also knows
that you also know.
He impetuously wonders why
you think him to be one,
after all, he loves you.
He wails–it hurts,
but the pain makes him realise
that he cannot be a fool, because
even this pain he understands.
He waveringly dips his face in his hands,
for he now knows:
you’re the fool whom he loves.
An unbearable wind blows.
He looks at you and you look at him.
Your head droops for prayer, and
your last thought is:
May he forgive you who knows your debts!

György Papp